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Paperwork Only Option

Our paperwork only option is great for couples who would like a friend or family member to officiate their ceremony without them having to obtain the legal certifications. It is also great in cases where time is of the essence, such as military deployment, or medical situations. We can sign and file your documents, inquire within for details. This is a no frills option, for those who just want the legal documents handled.



Themed Weddings

Feeling inspired by a holiday, movie, or an element of pop culture? Themed weddings are great for couples who have a shared interest or have been brought together by one of their shared passions! We have experience officiating sports themed nuptials, movie themed ceremonies, such as Star Wars and The Great Gatsby, and even holiday centered weddings, such as St. Patricks day and Halloween. Talk to us, and we can even weave your shared interests into your ceremony through subtle or big references. 



Unique Ceremony Add-Ons

Here at Affordable Vegas Officiant, we offer unique ceremony add-ons. We have experience with glass breaks, lassos, sand ceremonies, unity candles, handfastings, ring blessings, and many more. We strive to help craft the ceremony of your dreams, and will work with you to do so. We also offer cannabis weddings. It is important to note that while we perform such ceremonies, we do not supply the materials, and you will have to bring your own. 

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.